Trouble Shooting#

Here we compile a list of issues you might come across when using our codebase and Franka Emika Panda arms. If you have any further questions, feel free to open up issues on our repo.

Using Deoxys#

Link to dynamic libraries

Q: *.so file not found

A: This is because the codebase currently had little troubles and the binary does not directly compile to local path. But this issue can be easily overcome. explicitly include the folder that the dynamic library resides in the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

OSC controller control issue

Q: Sometimes the robot does not reach the desired pose when using OSC_POSE control

A: This might happen especially for the last two joints that are not reaching the desired configurations. This might be that your action scale is too small and the generated torques are not large enough to compensate the friction of the joints.

Abrupt motion for small-scale action

Q: The robot moves abruptly although my control command is very small.

A: There might be two reasons: 1) Your commanded end effector pose has the rotation flipped in quaternion. That could result in interpolation of motion that forces robots to rotate a whole round. 2) Your command might be all zero because the command was not set correct or the networking pipeline went wrong.

Using Panda arms#

Joint impedance error

Q: Sometimes there is error: libfranka: Set Joints Impedance command rejected

A: Usually there are two reasons: 1) The robot reaches its joint limits. In this case you need to manually reset the robot positions; 2) the motion was too abrupt. In this case usually you need to push down the user stop and release the stop before the error was reset.