Deoxys is a modularized, real-time controller library for Franka Emika Panda to facilitate robot learning research. Deoxys is developed by Yifeng Zhu and aims to democratize basic knowledge of robot manipulation to the robot learning community through open-sourcing the controller implementation.

Here are a list of features that we identified as strengths of our library.

✔ A user-friendly Python Interface and real-time controller implementation in C++
✔ Specialized for research on closed-loop visuomotor skill learning
✔ Easy configuration of robot controllers
✔ Seamless transfer from robosuite for real-robot control

Past research#

A number of projects have been boosted by Deoxys. Here is a list of publications based on Deoxys so far.


If you find this repo useful for your research, please cite us through the following work:

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