HandCrafting Motor Programs#

Sometimes your research focus might not be learning motor skills, but rather perform other tasks that only require fixed or well-defined behaviors. We provide several implemented motion abstractions for common usage such as position-only movements, joint-space trajectory following. All the functions are currently implemented under motion_utils.py. To import functions from this utility module, do:

>> from deoxys.experimental.motion_utils import *

Please see the implementation for full details.

Position-only movements#

Position-only movements are basic to top-down pick-place behaviors. Here we have a simple example of running position-only movements using OSC_POSITION controller. Run the example:

    python examples/position_only_movement.py

With this script, the robot will grasp an object from a fixed location and place it to another fixed location. The following video shows how the robot behaves by running the script above.